16 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Camping

Camping is one of my favourite pastimes. I may be a little biased but I believe everyone loves camping (and if you don’t, you just haven’t had the right experiences yet)! So here are the top reasons (in no particular order) why camping is amazing and why everyone should love it.

16 Reasons everyone loves camping:

  1. An excuse to loosen up on your grooming habits. Makeup, hairdos, and even showering become unnecessary when seated around a camp fire. My favourite thing to do after a weekend of camping when I haven’t showered is coming home, smelling like campfire and taking a nice long, hot bath and scrub away all the dirt until I become the cleanest I have ever been. It’s a luxury to enjoy a bath or shower that much!
  2. Campfires: the smell, the sound, the dancing flames. Playing with the fire- there’s a little pyromaniac inside of us all.
  3. Camping food: snacks, s’mores, hot dogs, bacon and eggs. It is all delicious!
  4. Being outside: there’s something about being outside that soothes the soul and calms the mind. Plus there are gorgeous views, vibrant vegetation, curious wildlife, and beautiful bird song.
  5. Escaping from everything. Cell phones and computers don’t pair well with camping. It gives you an excuse to take a step back and have a mini technology break. Your problems at home can be left there and it’s just you, a delicious s’more and the stars.
  6. Naps: all that fresh air is good for you but can wear you out. Naps are mandatory and who are we to say no to a nice siesta.
  7. Star gazing: puts things into perspective when you have a chance to stare out into the cosmos and marvel at the vastness of the universe and your role in it.
  8. Stepping into the uncontrollable. You are at the mercy of Mother Nature and your own preparedness. No access to your tidy home and dishwasher. You have noises and bugs and dirt and mysterious specks and weather. It’s up to you how you handle each situation. You learn about yourself like that.
  9. Simplified existence: Your goals are to eat enough, drink enough, stay warm, get sleep. Not much to mess up there.
  10. Silence, or as close to it as you’ll ever find. When the noises of life drop away how do you handle your own thoughts and the noises left behind?
  11. Appreciating that you have everything you need. You’re surviving, what more do you need.
  12. Appreciating what adds value to your life. You may be surviving on your own but when you get home you may just realize that a comfy bed or espresso maker is just about your favourite thing ever.
  13. The perfect s’more recipe. Tried and true may not always be the best. We have our own that beats the traditional s’more!
  14. Spending time alone or with the people that matter. With the distractions of life out of the way, you have the space for real and true interaction with your camping buddy. If you’re on your own, what better time for some soul searching.
  15. Learning something new: like not to leave food out during the night, or identifying the birds you hear, or learning when high and low tide is. There are a million opportunities to discover something new.
  16. Appreciating plumbing: there is nothing as freeing as peeing in the woods! Outhouses and drop toilets, on the other hand, leave something to be desired. You will never love your toilet so much as when you get home from camping. It’s the little things that count!
Everyone Loves Camping
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