Camping Companions: 7 Questions To Ask Before You Share A Tent

For the best camping experience, you need the best camping companions.

Here are some things to consider when picking one:

  1. Similar expectations – do both of you camp to relax, to hike, to sit and play cards, or something in between? If one of you wants to commune with nature and the other to party it up, you might come into conflict.
  2. Just what does camping mean to you? Are you both happy sleeping on the ground? Are both of you okay carrying supplies into a camp site. Or do you want to hook up an RV to a power and water source so you can watch a DVD after you shower in your ensuite?
  3. Do you need gourmet meals or can you agree on a weenie roast over the campfire?
  4. Do you have compatible sleep habits or can you block out a snorer with earplugs or read late into the night without disturbing your buddy?
  5. How will the work be divided? Is it everyone for themselves or will you share the chores? Does one love to cook and another happy to chop wood and haul water? Not many like to do all the work themselves.
  6. In the case of bad weather, when is enough enough? Will a few drops of rain ruin your day or will you wait it out in a movie theatre or a dollar store as we have when it has really started to pour?
  7. Is your relationship strong enough to withstand some of the unique situations you might find yourself in? You might be good work buddies but your relationship might not translate well to a work-free zone.Camping Companion

Share with us some of your best camping companion stories, or one of your nightmare moments when you knew it was going to be one very long camping trip. Did your choice of partner make or break the relationship?

Camping Companions
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