Jet Lag

Never have I experienced jet lag as I did coming home to Halifax from New Zealand in March of this year! If I hadn’t been ten years post-monopausal I would have said I was suffering from morning sickness. (I’ve experienced that at two points in my life while pregnant with my daughters.)

I’m no stranger to jet lag. I’ve flown east to Iceland, the Middle East, and Europe many times, hitting the ground running and pushing through the exhaustion. A short power nap mid-afternoon let’s me enjoy a full evening of exploring in my new locale. After a good night’s sleep my body’s almost synched to the new time zone.

So why feel so miserable flying east from NZ? Could age be taking it’s toll and couldn’t 48 hours without sleep and LONG periods of sitting and inactivity screw up anyone’s system?

I’ve been told that the human body takes one day for every time zone to recover. Really? 17 days of queasy stomach, vertigo, achy joints and insomnia?

Well, I would do it all again in a heartbeat to return to NZ! It’s a small country with boundless beauty, friendly people and, with a never-ending list of unique activities, it’s a contender as a retirement destination.

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