Top 10 Dream Travel Destinations

I’ve started working as a travel agent and each new client brings a unique story and inspiring destinations. I have been developing a serious case of trip envy. So to ease my wanderlust I’ve created a list of the destinations I want to see more than any!

(Mom suggested it may be shorter to write about the places I don’t want to visit and she may have a point…)

1. Thailand
Floating markets, remote beaches, tropical paradise. It’s one of the most popular destinations for travelers and I want to see first hand what it’s all about.
2. Croatia
Plitvice Lakes, sailing on the coast

Plitvice Lakes. Photo credit: Damir Fabijanić and the Croatia Tourist Board
Plitvice Lakes. Photo credit: Damir Fabijanić and the Croatia Tourist Board

3. The Stans- Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrzikstan
This would be an experience like no other. Unique architecture and culture would make this a challenging yet rewarding trip. This is a area I would likely travel with a guide or tour of some sort due to the remoteness of the locations and the prevalent bureaucratic issues. If you want to read further check out this post by National Geographic.
4. Antarctica
My life long goal is to visit every content which means I need to make a trip to the bottom of the world!
5. Norway
For some serious fjord action!
6. Peru
I love a good trek and Machu Pichu seems like it would be within my physical capabilities, not to mention it has those stunning views!
7. Costa Rica
I want to see the tropical birds! It’s got the one of a kind Cloud Forest ecosystem, volcanoes, jungle, birds and animals, what more could this girl want?
8. Turkey
I will get over my fear of heights just to take a balloon ride over Capadoccia. Seriously, that terrain is like nothing else I’ve seen! Not to mention Turkey’s historical sites and culture are reason enough to travel there.
9. Jordan
I want to see Petra and be Indiana Jones for a day. Jordan is an oasis in an otherwise tumultuous area giving a perfect introduction to travelling in the Middle East.

The stunning Petra Treasury. Photo Credit: Jordan Tourism Board

10. Galapagos
It is a bit of a cliche bucket list destination, but for me I couldn’t be more sincere about my desire to visit! I have always been interested in evolutionary adaptations and this is where it all started (in theory at least). And the birds! Have I mentioned I like birds? This dream is becoming a reality for me in May and it still hasn’t sunk in that this is real.

Stay tuned to hear more about my trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands! What destinations are on your dream list? Let us know in the comments below.

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