7 Questions You Must Ask Your Travelling Buddy Before You Go

Choosing a travelling buddy isn’t so different from picking the right person to go camping with. Travelling involves spending a lot of time with someone in unique and potentially stressful situations. You can grow and change and develop new interests while you travel and your best friend since you were 6 might not actually be the best person to take on your next adventure. Make sure you are the right fit for each other BEFORE you hit the road!

7+ Questions to ask your travelling buddy before you go:

  1. Similar expectations: Does everyone want to go to museums, beaches, bar hopping, souvenir shopping, hitting the tourist spots, etc. Can you agree to disagree and happily follow your own pursuits at times?
  2. Do you need luxury hotels, B & B’s, or hostels? Do you want to travel in the fast lane or meander your way along?
  3. Are you going to eat out all the time or buy picnic fixings at a grocery store?
  4. Will you need separate beds, separate rooms? Are you early birds, night owls, or marching to different drummers? In Paris, I’d explore for a couple of hours and then bring back breakfast as Laura’s cue to get her a** out of bed.
  5. How are you splitting the work? And, there is work involved with travelling! Is one person in charge of booking accommodations? Is only one of you fluent in the local language? Which of you is going to navigate the subway system or drive the scenic route in blizzard conditions?
  6. What do you do when the unexpected happens, like an emergency appendectomy in Germany, broken ankle on Orkney or, influenza in Cairo? How adaptable are both of you? Does one fall apart and the other hold it together? Do you move to plan B or make something up on the spot?
  7. You may think you’re the best of friends at home but how will you feel after sharing EVERYTHING for two weeks or two months on the road? Some relationships have a time and a place and travelling may not be it.Travelling Buddy

Regardless of how either of you answers these questions, the takeaway here is: communication is key, before and during a trip. You may not see eye to eye in all of these areas but, so long as you are considerate of each other, you still will be able to have a great time and maybe even forge a life-long relationship.

Travelling Buddy
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