Trip Envy: Feeling the Burn

Now imagine that fire in you, burns right?


One of the hardest parts of being a travel agent is sending people off on trips (which is kind of the whole point). A nicer person than me would be only happy for the people they get to send on their dream vacations. I am happy for them! I am also incredibly jealous.

Trip envy is real!

I get to build amazing trips for people to new and exciting places and all I want is to get there myself. Every new country I research for a client becomes my next destination; it’s a revolving list of my travel wants. Sometimes it’s a lighthearted “take me with you!” But often the envy feels worse. The yearning to go on my own adventure is painful. My desire to leave my desk and set out on the road is so powerful my heart aches.

It’s hard to be unselfishly happy for people living the life you want to lead.

I just returned from Italy. I was fully immersed in the trip and had a truly splendid time (more of that to come once I’ve sorted through my million photos). I’ve bee back for less than a week and already the envy is creeping in. Today I barely contained the urge to just walk out and travel to Uzbekistan.

But that burning desire in the pit of my stomach, the passion to talk all day about a destination, and the green-eyed jealousy monster that makes me hate you a little when you’re going somewhere cool, is the fuel that kicks me into gear. Like a match being lit envy is the gust of air that can either put the flame out or makes it swell, brighter than before. It’s a fine balance between letting the envy raze you in self pity, act as a catalyst for making change, or scorching you when envy becomes resentment and malice. I’m constantly having to correct my course to end up in the sweet spot of motivation and action.

So I will keep booking trips for other people while stockpiling all the tips, tricks, and must see destinations. Because I have the best resource at my disposal: I get to speak with hundreds of people each month about their personal experiences with destinations around the world. I am distilling the best information for when it’s my turn.

And maybe,

If you’re lucky,

I may just share some of it with you.

P.S. Scheduling your own trips can help soothe the worst of the burns by making it more tangible. I’ve started a list with dates and places, destination goals and deadlines for my own inspiration (Uzbekistan is in there for 2020… for now).

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