A Marvellous Start To A New Journey!

Do you know that feeling just as your plane takes off when you cinch the seat belt a little tighter, breathe out your tension, watch the runway race past as the plane gathers speed and pulls powerfully away from the Earth? There’s joy, dismay and relief that this bird can actually take flight and stay aloft. There’s excitement about what you’re soaring towards.

Well, launching this blog is a bit like that. We’re starting a new journey as mother and daughter, one that actually began in 1992 when Laura unceremoniously entered the world on Grey Cup weekend, my ob-gyn at the game in another city, her father seriously ill in a different wing of the hospital. That’s when we started exploring this world together. At ten weeks old and a slight eight pounds, Laura and the rest of the family headed south on a Florida vacation.

But Disney is no longer our destination of choice. It wasn’t long before we started to question the extravagance of fake Eiffel Towers, gondola rides in Las Vegas, and killer whales contained in saltwater pools and jumping through hoops to audiences’ applause. I’m not sure we ever voiced our dismay but soon we were looking for more meaningful holidays.

Trying to find ways for us to connect on a personal level with the natural world, with a world full of architectural treasures, with centuries of sculpted and painted masterpieces, in a world where speaking English doesn’t open all doors.

In this blog, we invite you to be part of our unfinished story as we try to tell it from two perspectives – young/old, daughter/mother – but both of us women, eager to learn more about the world and ourselves. We want to share our experiences and maybe just inspire people like you to think critically about the way you live your life and challenge yourself to push your boundaries.

What You Can Expect

  • Regular updates. We want to post frequently (about 2x a week) but you can also follow our updates on Facebook, Twitter, by signing up for e-mails, and more.
  • Genuine thoughts and feelings. If they aren’t real or they aren’t ours, what’s the point?
  • Two distinct opinions. We are related so we share many beliefs and opinions, but we are both in very different stages of life with different personal experiences and we will share different opinions on the same topic as often as possible.
  • Travel + a little of everything else. We want to focus primarily on our travels because that is something we both love and want to do more of. However, we don’t travel in a bubble, the rest of life creeps in and affects how we see the world when we travel. You can expect some musings on our lives outside of our travel adventures, nothing is off limits!
  • Life unedited. We promise to keep it real. Travelling isn’t always pretty, neither is life.

Mother’s Day seemed like the most appropriate day to launch this blog. It is a day to celebrate the relationship between mother and child. So to commemorate and document our special mother/daughter bond we now have this blog that proves we don’t hate each (in fact, we tolerate each other rather well) and to chronicle the development of our relationship as we grow and learn. We hope that you will get something out of this blog and that maybe you have someone special to share our stories with too. Happy Mother’s Day and welcome to our MarvellousJourney! -Penny and Laura

Tell us what you’d like to see from us and this blog in the comments down below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

A Marvellous Start to a New Journey
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