Who We Are & What We’re About

This site was created to share our mother/daughter experiences of travelling and living with purpose. We’re always looking for fresh inspiration in food, art, nature, music – anything that gets the creative juices flowing.

We try to live conscious of the world around us. That means:

  • Living within our financial means- we’re a recent graduate and small business owner, let’s be realistic!
  • Being aware of ourselves- taking time to find peace, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives.
  • Mindful of the natural world- we find inspiration and joy in the natural world and we want to protect in our own small ways.
  • Aware of others- everyone has something unique to offer, there is a lot we can learn from others and its important to respect difference.

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Mom (Penny)

Having run her own stained glass business in Halifax, Canada since 2005, Penny was looking for a new challenge involving her passion for travel. At age four she was bitten by the travel bug (and many mosquitoes) while on her first family camping trip. Since the early 1960’s she has criss-crossed Canada many times, visited four continents during a nine-month backpacking trip in ‘88/’89, and lived in the Australia for six months in 1999, not to mention having enjoyed numerous European and Caribbean adventures over the years.

Daughter (Laura)

Since starting her journeys as a 10-week-old and using a dresser drawer as her crib, Laura has cultivated a passion for travelling. Even though she has traversed the globe, living in Australia at age 6, Iceland at 20, and New Zealand at 22, she was raised on the East Coast and will always be a Canadian girl at heart. Now, fresh out of university where she focused on sustainability, the environment and how people interact with it, she is attempting to find her way in the “real world”. She works full time as a travel consultant which gives her the inside scoop on the travel industry and let’s her work at her life-long goal of visiting every continent!